Pam is a gifted spiritual director who has worked hard, studied, and walked some difficult roads, all in preparation for becoming a spiritual companion. Her heart is soft and open and she has truly done—and continues to do—her own work. Because she understands who she is on this life journey, she can be an outstanding guide for anyone seeking spiritual guidance. As someone who identifies as a Highly Sensitive Person, I have found Pam to be especially understanding of the challenges that come with being an HSP. I trust Pam implicitly and rejoice that she is in my life.
— Sharon M.

Dream Interpretation

Using my expertise from more than a decade of dream work, my training and my intuition, I will unpack your dream and give you many new ways to explore its meaning in your life.

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What an inspiration. Can’t wait for our next session!
— Mary C.

Spiritual Direction

I use intuitive, holy listening and let you have a safe place to tell your story of spirituality and the direction your life is unfolding. We will explore your interior journey, your relationship to Divine Source and your nighttime dreams. Choose from individual sessions (one and done) for single issues or brief check-ins, or a package (3, 6, or 9 sessions) for more accountability and deeper inner work

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Sweet Georgia Pam is an old soul in a young and spirited body! Since meeting Pam, I have been inspired by her groundedness and her relationship with Spirit. If you are seeking spiritual direction and value that comes from having a wise and insightful committed listener, reach out to Pam. She will feed your spirit and enrich your life.
— Sharon M.

Sweet Dreams Pajama Party

Do you need a reason to party? This is my signature event! I will help you throw a party like no other. It’s dream and sleep wellness themed party- and we wear pajamas because people love a good costume party!

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We learned so much last night at our Sweet Dreams PJ Party with @sweetgeorgiapam! Thank you to all that made it out and shared in this experience
— The Grey Owl Mind Body Studio

Private Dream Group

Hire me to come to your home or office and facilitate a dream group for a group of up to 12 people. This 3 hour experience includes a lesson on dream analysis and plenty of q&a time to get all your questions answered. After an introduction, we work as a group on a single dream to unpack it completely. You will be amazed at the nuggets of insight that each person will take away from the shared dream.

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Pam is incredibly gifted and intuitive. I have to admit I was slightly skeptical about dream interpretation at first but quickly changed my mind. I was startled by Pam’s accuracy. I have recommended her services to several friends and always rely on her when I have particularly significant dreams.
— Meredith M.

Local Dream Group


I sometimes facilitate dream groups around the Atlanta area open to the public.

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I have been using Pam for spiritual direction and dream work for several months now. I’ve been going thru some really tough times, not knowing which way to turn! Pam’s insights have helped me to gain some much needed clarity on my situation. Thru dream interpretation, she has helped me to get to the heart of the matter quickly and to find resolution. Her wisdom, experience and intuitive abilities are nothing short of amazing! I recommend her to absolutely everyone!!!
— Jennifer V.

Speaking, Workshops & Retreat Facilitation


Dreams are a perfect topic for injecting some excitement, intrigue and opportunities for inner growth into your group dynamics! I am an educator at heart. My early teaching career helped me develop many of the techniques I use when leading groups through dream work and spiritual direction. Invite me to present one for your group, or send me more information about your interests and let's create something unique together!

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I spent two solid hours with two dreams and had some A-ha’s. You navigated some tricky territory with grace and compassion. Thanks for a very good day.
— Gail T.