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Spiritual Direction

I believe that spiritual direction is one of the very best ways for you to grow into who you are already becoming.

A spiritual director's role is to create a safe container for you to wrestle with whatever is in the way of your spiritual well-being.

If you decide that I am not a good fit for you, please visit SDAtl and SDIWorld to find a variety of other spiritual directors to choose from.

What to expect

When you show up for a spiritual direction session, I will...

  • Begin with silence

  • Check in with where the Divine is in your life today

  • Listen to you from a place of non-judgement, a place of hopefulness for you and a place of compassion

  • Tell you what I notice while paying attention with all of my senses (I call this holy listening)

  • Point out guideposts on your spiritual journey (i.e. from things you mention more than once or something you brought up in a previous session that seems to have shifted, etc) and help you mark your progress towards living a more centered and Divinely aligned life

  • Work with any dreams you choose to share and help you learn to listen with a discerning ear for the deepest wisdom in each dream (this part is astounding, so I encourage you to bring dreams with you into session; however it is not necessary- I have many directees who do not bring dreams into sessions either because it is not part of their journey or because they do not have dreams to bring)

When you show up for a spiritual direction session, I will NOT...

  • Impose my will on your journey

  • Give you homework (though if something I suggest resonates and you want someone to hold you accountable, I will do that)

  • Impose my faith tradition or name for God into our time together


Pricing Structure

Inquiry Session $35.00

30-minute Conference Call
In the initial session, I will...

  • Ask about the role of spirituality throughout your life

  • Do a sacred check-in (where is your connection to the Divine and where do you want it to be?)

  • Share a little bit about who I am and how I do spiritual direction

  • Answer any questions you have about spiritual direction, dream work and me



Single Session $85.00

One-hour conference call

best choice if you are need a sacred check-in (and we have worked together before); or if you have had a profound dream that needs to be honored as a sacred experience

6 Session Package $459.00

$76.50/ one-hour session (10% discount)

best choice if you are looking for someone to help you see your growth over time as you commit to a more spiritual way of life; and someone to help you remember why you started this journey when the newness wears off!

3 Session Package $242.25

$80.75/ one-hour session (5% discount)

best choice if you are going through a transition and want a spiritual director to witness your season of change


9 Session Package $650.25

$72.25/ one-hour session (15% discount- save $114.75!)

best choice if you are interested in a commitment to long-term deep, spiritual work and need someone to follow your progress, guide the way when it is needed and be on the journey with you