Remembering more dreams and working them out for what they are saying about your life leads to

~understanding the reasons you behave the way you do

~feeling your feelings more fully

~being able to tap into your creative genius

~getting to know your inner wisest self & hearing what she has to say

~being able to trust your gut more

Dream Interpretation

When you share a dream for interpretation, I will...

  • Unpack the dream into it's sections, parts, main symbols, and so on

  • Let you know what I see, notice and feel in the dream

  • Give you ideas of ways you might consider the dream connecting to your waking life

  • Give you an overall summary about what the dream seems to be suggesting

  • Answer any follow up questions you have (up to 2 rounds of email replies, or 10 extra conference minutes)

Dream interpretation is based on my studies of the general patterns of the dreaming mind and on many years of experience unpacking dreams and their symbols with people.

I promise to include lots of details in my breakdown of the various situations and symbols in your dream. The more details you provide, the more response I can provide. I will also include questions for you to consider which  might lead you down a path towards discovering some inner wisdom or new perspective. What you receive from me is meant to be a beginning, not an ending.

The value and time I pour into my interpretations is a point of pride for me, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re not satisfied with my response. While I cannot guarantee a full refund for dissatisfaction with this service (due to the time and effort already provided), I will consider a partial refund on a case by case basis.