using dreams to facilitate deep, reflective inner work

"I enjoy exploring the playful language of the dreaming mind and honoring the deep, reflective inner work it inspires."

~ Sweet Georgia Pam


About Pam

Why Dreams?

Because ,

when I learned that my dreams could be a resource for deep wisdom,

when I figured out that they actually are working to help me grow and learn,

when I finally understood that the dream maker is an abiding inner companion who wants only the highest outcome for my life...

I gained an unwavering confidence in my dreams as a wise inner counselor,

I gained a method for discerning which direction my life should go in,

I got serious about getting to know that deepest part of myself where I am connected to God.

And once I had done the inner work for myself, I became passionate about showing others how to do the work, too.

I want to show you what I know to be true, that this stuff is life-changing work. I am an advocate for your spiritual well-being and I will help you learn to listen to your dreams for the inner wisdom that will guide you.

My Background

My story began when I tried to start a family but couldn’t. I struggled with infertility for five years before conceiving my son (who is now 9) and for three years after his birth as we tried for a second child. That was not to be. But what came of those years, in addition to our complete little family of three, was a calling to help people forge a stronger connection to their inner voice and their spiritual path using nighttime dreams.

As I worked with my own dreams and got into relationship with them, I discovered that every dream was nudging me forward in my own spiritual and emotional development.

In each nightmare, I found hidden new perspectives and realizations about the issues I was struggling with in waking life at the time.

In each joyful dream I found hope surrounding an issue that had, up until that point, seemed hopeless. In each weird dream, I found a new way to express the complex layer of emotions that confounded me during the day.

In one dream, for example, I was walking through the wintry, snow-covered woods and came upon a pool of warm, deep blue water filled with all these tiny sea horses. In the dream, I was struck with a sense of awe and wander at the depth of the pool, the warmth of the water, the shade of deepest blue, and for the vulnerability of the sea horses. When I unpacked the dream later, I discovered that the forest covered in snow represented the sterile environment of the infertility clinic we had recently begun visiting; and the warm water with the sea horses represented the safety of my womb and the potential life of an embryo growing there. The comfort and sense of wonderment I experienced in the dream helped me to feel that the steps my husband and I were taking to seek infertility treatments were absolutely right for us.

I enjoyed the playful nature of dreams and the deeply personal symbols they provided for me to work with. Once I discovered that dreams were this secret language that my unconscious mind was using to work through my life issues while I was asleep, I was hooked. I knew then that I had an endless supply of resources for inner work and self-reflection.

Over time, word spread around the office that I was interested in dreams. People began stopping by in the morning and afternoon on their work breaks to share their crazy dreams with me. Together, we would explore, research and play with meaning and symbolism. I became known in my various circles as the dream girl and so more people shared dreams with me.

I began to read about dream work and to find other people who knew about the language of the unconscious mind. I attended Atlanta Jung Society lectures and read books by Carl Jung and other experts in the field and I found my way to the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

I absorbed everything I could find about dreams, the science behind dreaming, the metaphorical language of the dreaming mind, the psychology of dreams, the different theories and approaches to dream work, and on and on.

And what started out as a curiosity about my own path, turned into a passion to share what I had discovered with everyone who would listen.

Dreams were my tool of choice for self-discovery, but that wasn’t enough for me. I had learned a secret that I felt like everyone deserved to know. Dreams speak to us in the universal symbolic language of metaphor.

Learning to recognize and decipher the metaphors of one’s own mind is key to moving forward on the spiritual development path.

In my experience, if you work with your dreams long enough and if you follow the bread crumbs they offer, you’ll eventually get down to the deepest center of yourself- where the language begins to not be able to do justice to what you’re experiencing. That’s when I turned to Spiritual Direction as a calling.

In 2016 I graduated from the Haden Institute with a certificate of completion in spiritual direction. The Haden Institute’s spiritual direction program combines the traditions of Christian mysticism, Celtic spirituality and Jungian psychology. And now, I am the owner of my own private practice, Sweet Georgia Pam, LLC.

If dreams are the playful part of my work, spiritual direction is the deeper part. It’s where dream work can take you if you’re interested in deep, reflective inner work. In individual spiritual direction sessions, I hold space for clients to wrestle with spirituality and explore new inner depths. We look for how one’s spiritual experiences (and dreams) are nudging her or him forward on their spiritual journey. We discuss one’s understanding of the Divine, and by including dreams we can sort out and discern some spiritual direction that is coming from within.

Pamela Muller | Spiritual Director | Dream Coach

Pamela Muller | Spiritual Director | Dream Coach


As a spiritual director who specializes in dreams,

I journey with people into their interior landscape and together we parse out what is for them and what is not serving them.

I watch them discover their own inner strength.

It is an honor to do what I do, to be a holy listener who teaches the playful language of the dreaming mind.

I facilitate dream group gatherings, lecture on tending to one’s dreams as a spiritual practice, and see spiritual direction clients one-on-one. It is a dream come true for me, literally.

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