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Watch this 2 minute introduction
to get a feel for my work.



I help sensitive souls learn to

listen to,


and be in dynamic relationship

with their inner counsel.

If you are interested in interpreting the world through the lens of energy, symbolism and metaphor and if you are yearning to show up more fully divinely aligned in the world, then we should talk.

I have cultivated and honed my skills & gifts for 10+ years in order to work with you today! I want to help you forge a more secure channel of communication & dialogue between you and that indwelling source of divinity.

I work with individuals and groups in 2 capacites, 1. by working within the sleeping dream; and 2. by working within the waking dream. The sleeping dream is literally referring to reading the energy of nighttime dreams and interpreting the symbolism. The waking dream is referring to reading the energy of waking life in which the divine flow shows up using the same energy and symbolism as it does in dreams. I call this second capacity of my work spiritual direction.