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If you push away your issues,

they'll haunt your dreams.

Instead, make friends with your issues

using your dreams.


Take a deep dive into your dreaming mind.

I am thrilled about this opportunity for you. I want to be an advocate of your dreams for the next six weeks. I can connect you to them in ways you never thought possible. I can help you understand HOW your dreams speak to you and what they are saying about your life.

Dreams take us into our own inner depths. That feels mysterious and sometimes frightening. But by facing the mystery that resides inside ourselves, we can forge a stronger connection with it. We begin to craft language around those things that happen on the inside that seem beyond words.

This DEEP DIVE DREAM INTENSIVE is designed to make you comfortable with your inner dream-self who sends you mysteriously encrypted messages each night in the form of dreams.

Don’t remember your dreams? Do not worry. I’ve got you covered. Dreams do not have an expiration date on being useful. Childhood dreams can be just as intense and insightful as what you dreamed last night. In this intensive, I have plenty of tools to help you dream more and learn more from what dreams you remember.

Deep Dive Dream Intensive

What is the Dream Intensive?

  • A deep journey inward to learn the terrain of your own inner landscape and meet that abiding inner companion who is sharing dream visions with you every night

  • A 6-week Intensive study of your own dreams

  • The opportunity to let your dreams tell you things you need to hear and understand

  • An intensive one-on-one training with me to teach you all the ways I know to listen to your dreams

  • The chance to expand your understanding of the presence of magic and symbols around you everywhere

  • In six weeks, we will sift through old dreams, discover new dreams and even bring dream language into your waking world!

  • At the end of the Intensive, you will know how your dreaming mind communicates with you and you will be able to trust your dreams as an abiding inner mirror of truth

There are only a few spots available for this program each season, so do not wait if you think this journey is calling you!



The Break Down

What you GET

  1. Six consecutive weeks of personalized guidance and dream expertise

  2. A one hour coaching call each week with individualized guidance using your own dreams for direction

  3. Private access to the tools and resources I’ve collected over my ten+ years of intensely studying and learning the intuitive art of deciphering dreams

  4. Personalized dream interpretations throughout the intensive

  5. Guided questions, reflections and homework created in response to what your dreams (i.e. your inner voice) bring up each week

As a participant in the Deep Dive Dream Intensive, you need to

  1. Commit to six consecutive weeks of self-reflection and exploration

  2. Keep a dream diary- I will provide various techniques for recording and unpacking your dreams

  3. Show up to a scheduled weekly one-hour coaching call (video chat)

  4. Spend a minimum of 20 minutes working a dream each week - dreams do not need to be current (so you don’t need to be a very active dreamer to participate)

  5. Hold yourself accountable for responding to whatever arises in your dreams as a result of choosing to do this program

Ready? Click on the button below to submit an application. I will follow up with you about available spots for this one-on-one program.

I only have time to work with so many divers each season.


Price $675.00

This commitment is worth every penny! You will get way more out of this deep dive than you imagine.

How do I know? Because I have been into the depths of inner work using my nighttime dreams. I have been a teacher of dreams for more than ten years. I have been in that place where I know my inner voice wants to speak, but I can’t quite make her out.

Your dreams take you into that mysterious landscape where your inner voice resides every- single-night. I know for sure that they are working on your life issues from underneath all through the night while you toil away on those same issues from above all through the day. I know because I have a ton of experience guiding people through the learning stages of learning to listen to their dreams!

I used to be that girl who spent so much of her time being “good” that when she finally decided to do her own thing, she didn’t even know what that meant.

Now I coach people to develop a sacred relationship with their nighttime dreams in order to know themselves and have unwavering trust in their own inner voice.